SPARKLING                                       REGION                                  Glass              Bottle

Prosecco, Avissi                                 (Veneto, Italy)                         12                    48

Brut, Belaire                                        (Burgundy, France)                                         90

Brut, Perrier Jouet                              (Champagne, France)                                    98

Brut, Moet Imperial                             (Champagne, France)                                    110

Brut, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label     (Champagne, France)                                                118

Brut, Dom Perignon                            (Champagne, France)                                    400

Brut Rose, Belaire                              (Provence, France)                                         90

Brut Rose, Dom Perignon                   (Champagne, France)                                    650


WHITE                                                REGION                                  Glass              Bottle

Riesling, Covey Run                           (Columbia Valley, Washington)         11                    44

Pinot Grigio, Maso Canali                   (Trentino, Italy)                        12                    48

Sauvignon Blanc, Branchât                (Marlborough, NZ)                  12                    48

Chardonnay, William Hill                    (Central Coast, California)      12                    48

Riesling, Zum                                      (Mosel, Germany)                                           52

Moscato, Terra D’Oro                         (California)                                                      58

Pinot Grigio, Jermann                         (Friuli, Italy)                                                     70

Pinot Gris, Joel Gott                           (Willamette Valley, Oregon)                           56

Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford         (Marlborough, NZ)                                          58

Sancerre, Domaine Roger &

            Christophe Moreux                 (Sancerre, France)                                         70

Chardonnay, Cambria

            “Katherine’s vineyard”             (Santa Maria, California)                                 52

Chardonnay, Hartford Court               (Russian River, California)                              80

Chassagne Montrachet,

            Xavier Monnot                         (Burgundy, France)                                         134


RED                                                    REGION                                  Glass              Bottle

Pinot Noir, Bridlewood                        (California)                              12                    48

Merlot, Kenwood                                 (California)                              11                    44

Malbec, Alamos                                  (Mendoza, Argentina)             12                    48

Cabernet Sauvignon, Storypoint        (California)                              12                    48

Pinot Noir, MacMurray                        (Russian River, California)                              54

Pinot Noir, La Cream “Reserve”         (Russian River, California)                              76

Pinot Noir, Beaux Freres                    (Willamette Valley, Oregon)                           124

Merlot, Freemark Abbey                     (Napa Valley, California)                                 82

Cabernet Sauvignon,                                                                                     

            J Lohr “Seven Oaks”               (California)                                                      52

Cabernet Sauvignon,                         

            Kenwood “Artist Series”          (Sonoma, California)                                       98

Cabernet Sauvignon,

            Mondavi Family “Aloft”            (Howell Mountain, California)                         230

Blend, Bogle “Phantom”                     (California)                                                      62

Estate Blend,

            Charles Krug “Generations”    (Napa Valley, California)                                 126

Malbec, Bodega Norton “Reserve”     (Mendoza, Argentina)                                     58



                                                                                                            Glass              Bottle

“Beautiful Lily”, Yuri Masamune, Honjozo 720ml                               8                      58

“Reflection of Truth”, Seikyo Takehara, Junmai 720ml                      10                    71

“Cabin in the Snow”, Yuki No Bosha, Junmai Ginjo 720ml               12                    84

“Beauty of Akita”, Yuki No Bosha, Daiginjo 720ml                                                     152

“Cabin in the Snow”, Yuki No Bosha, Nigori 300ml                                                   29

“PINK”, Hana HouHouShu, Sparkling Rose 300ml                                                    28

House Warmed Organic Sake                                                            10 / beaker





Please inquire with server for vintages.

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